Renta 2019

The campaign of the 2019 Income Tax began on April 1 and will end on June 30, 2010, the deadline for filing the declaration.

Once again we recommend that you do not rush to confirm the draft provided by the AEAT without first checking that it contains all the reductions, deductions and bonuses to which you may be entitled.

We remind you that this year the limit of income from work not to be obliged to declare is 14,000 euros when it comes from more than one payer, although it remains at 22,000 euros per year if received from only one payer.

order to make your annual declaration correctly, do not forget

  1. The benefits of maternity and paternity received from the public social security system are exempt from income tax and therefore should not be included in the income tax return, nor do they influence the limits of the obligation to declare.
  2. Empty houses and premises generate an “imputation of real estate rent”, an income that is calculated as a percentage of the cadastral value of the property. You must declare only the corresponding part of your ownership percentage.
  3. Remember to declare the tourist rentals as ROI without applying the 60% reduction. Since 2018, the tax authorities have had the information provided by the platforms that operate these rentals.
  4. Remember to include the capital gains obtained from the purchase of a car, rental subsidies or lottery prizes of more than 20,000 euros.
  5. Incorporate into your income from work the reduction of fees paid to unions and professional associations, as well as legal defence costs against the payer.
  6. Negative returns on savings can be offset by the positive balance of capital gains and losses obtained in the same year, with a limit that since 2018 has increased to 25% of this positive balance, and vice versa, losses with positive returns.
  7. Review changes in your family situation. Births, marriages, separations or deaths can directly affect the option of joint taxation and the application of family deductions, both state and regional.
  8. Incorporate the expenses in childcare facilities, which can mean a deduction of up to 1,000 euros and deductions for large families of 100 euros per month.
  9. Include the amounts paid for the rental of your habitual residence if the contract is prior to 2015 and your taxable base is less than 24,107.20
  10. Contributions to political parties and donations are deductible with limitations on the amounts.
  11. Contributions to pensions plans allow to reduce the taxable base up to a maximum of 8,000 euros per year or up to 30% of the income from work and economic activity.
  12. Self-employed persons who work in their own dwelling may deduct, from the costs of supplies, 30% of the existing proportion between the square metres of their dwelling used for their activity and the total surface area.
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