Tax Advice

  • Analysis and implementation of tax strategies and planning adapted to the needs of each client.
  • Advice and planning of real estate investments
  • Consulting and planning of commercial operations
  • International taxation. Taxation of non-resident companies and double taxation agreements

Electronic notifications

  • Management, monitoring and follow-up of electronic notifications

Fiscal representation

  • Assistance and representation in tax review or inspection procedures and in sanctioning procedures.
  • Tax representation of non-resident companies.
  • Administrative and economic-administrative appeals and complaints

Advice and preparation of tax returns

State Taxes:

  • VAT
  • IRPF
  • Corporate Tax
  • Non-Resident Tax
  • Special taxes
  • Declaration of Assets Abroad (Mod. 720)

Autonomous Taxes:

  • Inheritance and Donations Tax
  • Tax on property transfers and documented legal acts
  • Heritage Tax
  • Tax on stays in tourist establishments


  • Municipal capital gains – Tax on the increase in value of urban land
  • Tax on Economic Activities
  • Real Estate Tax